How to download iOS App via link?

1. To download the iOS app, you’ll need to request for an iOS download link first.

2. Please Login to the Web Application and click on the “Request for iOS App” option, as highlighted in the below screenshot.

1. You can request a download link using the ' Request for iOS App! ' button, this would send an automated email to your Registered Email Id.

3. You can copy the link provided in the pop-up by clicking on the “Copy” button.

3. Copy the link provided on the screen by clicking on the “Copy” button.

4. Open the copied link on an iOS device to download the Application.

Tip:- You can use  Whatsapp Web or Email to transfer the link from the web module to your iOS device.

Instructions to Install :

1. Click on the download link /open the link on your iPhone, this will redirect you to the app download page and will start the download and install the app automatically.

2. If it doesn’t start automatically downloading the app, please tap on ‘GET’ to download it. Don’t leave the download page before the installation is completed to avoid any issues.

3. The link generated is for one-time use, please use a new link to reinstall.

For any issues or concerns please reach out to our Support Team :

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