How to add Document and Video content to a course?

Note: Questions can only be added to the platform via a web application. If you are using iOS or Android platforms, please switch to our web platform to access this feature.

  • Navigate to the “Your Courses” section from the Navigation Pane on the left side.
  • Click or Search the desired course to retrieve Course Details

Step 1: Find a Course


  • You can add and find your course materials uploaded in this tab.
  • To add content, click on the “Add Content’ Button.

Step 4: Access Course Content


  • You’ll be prompted with a pop-up box to add content.

Please attach the Content and mention :

  1. The type of content
  2. Title
  3. Topic to which the content belongs.

Step 5: Add Course Content


  • If you make the document public, it will be accessible to all the students who have access to the Edwisely Platform.
  • Click on Save Button to add the document successfully.

Step 5: Add Course Content

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