How to add Questions to a Course?

Note: Questions can only be added to the platform via web application. If you are using iOS or Android platforms, please switch to our web platform to access this feature.

  • Navigate to “Your Courses” section from the Navigation Panel on the left side.
  • Click or Search the desired course to retrieve Course Details

Step 1: Find a Course


  • Navigate to Question Bank to access the Course Questions


  • Click on the “Add Questions” button to Add Questions to the selected Course.

Step 7: Add Questions to a Course


  1. Please type a question and at least two options for the Question.
  2. Optionally you can add an image to the Question and any of the options by clicking on the Image Icon.
  3. Add Source of the Question.
  4. Select the topics to which the Questions belong.
  5. Click on “Add Question” to add a Question successfully.

Step 7: Add Questions to a Course


  • Once the Question is added successfully, you’ll get a notification on the top right corner.
  • You can add more questions similarly
  • Once added, click on the Save button to add these questions to the Question Bank.

Step 7: Add Questions to a Course

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